Outside Actions In Scotland & The Cairngorms Nationwide Park

outdoor & active

The staff has to build their contraption for launching their ammo. See which group can fire it the furthest, or get closest to a target. Blanket Volleyball – Set up a volleyball courtroom using blankets or large tarps for the web. The groups on either side cannot tell where the ball is coming from, so have to work collectively to win.

outdoor & active

If you aren’t in London, you possibly can create your own board with place names of the place you are. Swamp Crossing – Create a swamp, after which the groups need to cross it with out touching the ground. They can be supplied with a variety of useful and unhelpful equipment.

Go Karting – The staff could make go karts, or simply go somewhere and race correct go karts. Orienteering – The team has to work together to navigate a course finding markers alongside the way.

Follow the plans – Give every team a set of plans that tell them tips on how to do or construct one thing. What you don’t inform them is that you haven’t given them a full set of directions. Take one page from each set of instructions and put it into the instruction for another team.