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culture trip

An action-packed trip designed for those who love thrills and natural magnificence. Hop between lively volcanoes, lush mountains and gastronomic stop-offs on this leisurely 10-day adventure. From Porto to Lisbon, this nine-day trip whisks you off to Douro Valley vineyards, secret seashores and Jurassic-age headlands.

Though Columbus was born in the Republic of Genova he sailed on behalf of Spain. Pizza may be certainly one of Italy’s biggest success stories however there’s not really one normal, nationwide pizza recipe. Probably the most famous is the pizza napoletana with its soft, chewy dough and outstanding crust. Neapolitan pizza-making is so distinctive it’s even been recognised by Unesco as an intangible cultural heritage. Meanwhile, Romans make their pizza flat and crispy, Sicilians go thick and fluffy, and Apulians fry small pockets of dough often known as panzerotti. Swim, snorkel and discover empty beaches on this luxury eight-day voyage within the Caribbean.

Get some vitamin sea in one of the most remote island locations on the earth. Discover Turkey’s vibrant bazaars, rocky valleys and beach resorts by way of land, sea and air. Tour the darlings of Italy in 10 days – from Rome, Florence and Milan to Lake Como and the Italian Riviera. Gripping historical past, incredible meals and private encounters in one of many greatest cultural crossroads on the planet. From Cairo to Aswan, comply with within the footsteps of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

culture trip

Like yellow taxis and New York or red double-decker buses and London, Vespas are synonymous with Italy. Invented in 1946, this sexy scooter became an icon due to a variety of appearances on the silver screen. After Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday and Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita toured Italy’s streets on Vespas, audiences couldn’t resist doing the same. Before that, the boot-formed peninsula was made up of separate territories such as the Papal States, the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany. Despite its younger age – and its relative dimension – Italy has made a giant impression on the international stage. Travel to the underside of the earth on this bucket-record journey to Antarctica.