Europe Journey


Don’t miss out on… partaking in some magic mushrooms while visiting Amsterdam. Seriously, those Van Gogh work are mental when you’re frying. The city itself, while pretty, doesn’t provide a lot in the way of sights.

The whole nation is just one big bar where you can eat and drink to your heart’s content and nobody provides a shit. How superb is it that Belgium places beer in such high and hallowed regard? Bless the Belgians who appear to have no problem smothering their fried potatoes in aioli and mussels with heavy cream. I love that you can go backpacking in Belgium with zero expectations and still be impressed. You know what’s overrated… staying within the HEART of Amsterdam – it’s overly expensive and crowded. One might keep outdoors town, save a bundle, and then take the practice in. I suggest discovering a hostel in Utrecht as a substitute.Bavaria within the South is known for the Black Forest area, an unintelligible dialect of German, and delightful surroundings. Finally, Regensburg will be the prettiest city within the nation.

You do have to pay for the pleasure in Switzerland. For higher or worse, the Swiss people have this complete thriving economy factor down to a T.