6 New Normal Era Vacation Tips You Need To Apply

Since the beginning of this year, the spread of the corona virus has increasingly spread to various countries, including Indonesia.

Although we had to stay at home for months due to the spread of this virus, now the government has issued new rules regarding the new normal era.

Which we are allowed to return to doing various activities outside the home while still following health protocols.

For those of us who have been quite bored at home all this time, then it’s time we try to pamper ourselves with a little vacation.

Going on vacation seems to be the most awaited moment by everyone. Especially during the pandemic, many people undergo quarantine periods and do most of their activities at home.

Planning to go on vacation after the pandemic seems to have become a mandatory agenda for some people to release boredom from being at home too long

Before going on vacation, it’s a good idea to plan everything carefully. Don’t let you and your family fall sick because you don’t take care of your health.

There must be some changes in the atmosphere because you have to live side by side with the Corona Virus.

New Normal Era Vacation Tips You Need to Apply

So, below are 6 New Normal Era Vacation Tips to be Safe

1. Take advantage of technology

If you go on vacation out of town and use an airplane, you can take advantage of technology to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

One way is to do online check-in via a smartphone. That way you don’t need to make contact with the clerk at the check-in counter and reduce queues that may occur.

Even though you can take a vacation during the new normal by following the tips, that doesn’t mean the risk of transmission will disappear completely. We recommend postponing your vacation until the situation is more secure and under control.

2. Check the Security Status of an Area

Before deciding on a vacation, make sure you first check the condition of the tourist destination you are going to. Make sure the condition of the area you are going to is safe and protected from the Covid-19 virus.

To find out the security of an area you are going to, you can access the official website covid19.go.id and then find the area you want to visit whether the zone is green, yellow, orange, or red.

For the green zone, it indicates that the zone is relatively safe to be chosen, however, the health protocols must still be carried out.

While the yellow or orange have relatively dangerous conditions and the red ones are areas that have a very high risk.

After knowing the area you want to go to, don’t forget to check whether the tourist attraction has been opened for tourists or not.

Don’t let it go to an area for the sake of your dream tourist destination, it doesn’t even go as planned!

3. Always Bring Hand Sanitizer

Tips for the next new normal era, always Wash your hands regularly, it is very important to keep your hands clean, especially considering that there are many germs and viruses that can stick to your hands. In addition, you are also very often touch your face with your hands.

Research shows you touch your face with your hands up to 23 times in just one hour.

If washing hands with soap and running water is not possible, then hand sanitizer can be used instead of hand soap where its effectiveness is not much different.

A study conducted by the University of Maryland showed that the amount of bacteria left on hands that were cleaned using soap and hand sanitizer was not much different.

4. Bring Your Own Digital Thermometer

It is normal for body temperature checks to be carried out in public areas at this time. Usually by ‘shooting’ a digital infrared thermometer at the top of the eye (forehead).

However, due to its large size and relatively high price, carrying it independently is not ideal. However, you can buy a smaller thermometer and it will cost less.

By bringing this thermometer, you can check your body temperature regularly at the destination you are going to. This is also to ensure if you have symptoms of fever.

5. Bring Personal Equipment & Wear Mask

Personal equipment that you must bring is a place and cutlery, drinking bottles, slippers, and towels. Although a lot of the equipment is available and looks clean at the tourist site, using your own equipment is better.

Wherever you go, a mask is an item that you must wear. In addition to preventing the spread of COVID-19, wearing a mask also helps you avoid inhaling dust and pollution while traveling.

6. Always in good health

Well, the last new normal era holiday tips are no less important. That is always in good health. If you are still not fit, it would be nice to rest at home first.

Because COVID-19 can attack someone whose immune system is weak. To stay healthy, make sure you always eat healthy foods and take a multivitamin.

Those are 6 new normal era holiday tips, hopefully they are useful and if there are plans for a vacation to Bali, here we provide a wide selection of Bali tour packages that you can choose according to your needs.